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12/20/08 - Which is more vulgar and distasteful -- the Whopper Virgin theme or the school play that has an entire school district enrapt in a Jim Jones reverence to shopping at Target? YOU decide.
All we can hope is that the Kool-Aid at the school party is spiked. Keep in mind, though, that BK is also marketing a whopper scent for the body. Smelling like a whopper was never so sexy! ... Whopper virgin ... whoppervirgin.com ... it's obscene and vulgar. And a rip-off of the Seinfeld episode where George combines his two most primal needs -- eating and sexual satisfaction -- into one base pleasure.
Which is more vulgar? You decide. Because I can't.

Fast forward to 1/23/09: Is there a commercial more annoying than the Zwiffer duster commercial series of the women who leave their mops for Zwiffers, so the mops send valentines, flowers, etc and the music breaks into, "Baby come back!" it's a race to get to the mute button before I hear that melody one more freakin' time. But that can't compare to the woman who emotionally bullies her husband because he lauds the benefits of Cheerios. The commercial ends with him saying something like, "Cheerios is telling me to shut up." and the wife giving him a final dominating glare, pretty much saying, "... and if you don't shut up I'll make sure you never speak again." It's pathetic. I automatically change the channel whenever that commercial comes on.

1/28/09: I have to add ... the bacon-flavored dog food commercial. Some god is feaking out for "BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON!!!!!" The voiceover sounds like one of those comics that thought it would be speaking in a super-annoying voice would make people laugh. In this commercial, the premise is that an ill-behaved dog that would be jumping all over the place begging for bacon would speak in such a voice. The commercial can't appeal to dog lovers -- which dog lover would want their dog acting that way? And it can't appeal to non-dog lovers -- it confirms that dogs are ill-behaved pets who can't control the urge to jump all over people in search of a table scrap. Just an all-around annoying and ill-conceived commercial.




I've started my own realty firm, Signature Realty Services, and have moved my real estate content to that company's web site, at www.SigRealty.net. Please go there for your realty needs. - Mike