I've started my own realty firm, Signature Realty Services. I've moved my realty-related information to that site, www.SigRealty.net. Please go there for your realty interests!


Mike Avila
Signature Realty Services

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11/29/13 - Here is a list of my favorite apps. How do they make the list? When I factory reset my phone, these are the apps I reinstall. Email me if you can think of one I should add to the list.


- Call Confirm. Do you hate butt dialing? Me too. This app inserts an "are you sure you want to call so-and-so?" step between calling and dialing. It's saved me the embarrassment of many butt dials. Superior program.

- chomp SMS. I like being able to create templates and easily insert them into my text messages. I can create a template with my email addresss, home address, links to specific pages on my business web site, etc. Then it takes three clicks to insert a template into a text message.

- Business Calendar Pro. I never thought I'd get weaned off Outlook calendar, but this app has done it. This is the only Android app I've paid for, and it's the best $5 or so I've spent in ages. Look this one up on Google Play for details.

- Business Tasks. This is the tasklist companion to BC Pro mentioned above. Two parts of the same puzzle.

- Call Track. This one saves all my phone call history to my Google Calendar.

- Google Drive. I'm a bit jaded on Google due to privacy, but Google Drive still is very useful. Until I find a program to replace G Drive, I'm sticking with it.

- GasBuddy. Do you want to know how badly you're being gouged when it comes to gasonline prices? Then move to Bloomington, Indiana, install this program, and check within a 60-mile radius.

- K-9 Mail. Can't say why I'm hooked on this one except to say that I've been using it forever. It's free, so give it a try. If you don't like it you can always uninstall it.

- My Tracks. Sure i'm providing a blueprint for electronic monitoring of my every step, but even so, this is a useful app for keeping track of the business miles I drive in my car. When i don't need to do this I'll unistall the app.

- PDANet+. When i run this program on my phone and simulateously on my laptop AND connect my phone to laptop via USB, it acts as a router. So I can have internet connection wherever I go via my cell phone. I have an unlimited data plan, so for me doing this is no big deal.

- X-plore. File manager. Can anyone recommend a better one? I hope so -- email me!!!!


I have a few others that are business-specific so I'll leave them off the list. I can't give away all my competitive advantages, after all!




I've started my own realty firm, Signature Realty Services, and have moved my real estate content to that company's web site, at www.SigRealty.net. Please go there for your realty needs. - Mike