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Whew! Happy 46th birthday to me. This seems as good a time as any to add my insignificant 2˘ worth of diatribe to the internet. More structure will come to this -- as I get my life organized, I guess. Happy reading!

  • 11/29/13
    and so, 3.5 years later ...
    Android Apps. I've had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for about one year. See which are my favorite apps and why.
  • 6/21/10
    ... and so I placed an ad for an open house with the local newspaper. In the ad I stated, "walk to the park from this house" and the ad got shot down due to ADA guidelines -- this ad discriminates against people who can't walk. So a few days later I got an email from Sen Evan Bayh wishing me a Happy Father's Day. I replied to the email, in the interest of being ADA-compliant, doesn't his email discriminate against sterile men? This is serious. We need to address this discrimination. It's pervasive. Offensive. Ugly. Unneeded. We need to end it NOW!
  • 6/20/10
    Overdue by quite a few weeks now, this rant is a warning against anyone wanting to do business with Old National Bank, aka ONB. They are a 'new math' kind of lender, and they believe 3 minus 1 equals 3. And if you don't agree with that then they won't do business with you. I have the emails to prove it. Beware ONB aka Old National Bank!
    11/29/13 - UPDATE: I'm working with an ONB lender who is on top of his game and with whom I trust my buyers. ONB is off the hook while he is there.
  • 2/19/10
    A Professional Rant. Háven't ranted in a while, so here's a new one -- ZipForms, the company that provides the template forms for REALTOR® communities, has gone and turned a perfectly good product into a Frankenstein-like creation.
  • 6/3/09
    Fun with the County Assessor! Out of sight but not out of mind.
  • 6/3/09
    Fun with Palm Centro (updated). Funny thing about the Palm Centro -- its speaker will just stop working. I've had that happen on three of four Centros I own. But not to worry -- visit this link for the fix!.
  • 1/26/09
    Fun in Florida! Thanks, Jorge, we had a blast down there, really loved it. We're looking forward to our next trip!
  • 12/20/08
    Stupid TV Commercials. Need I say more?
  • 12/11/08
    Fun with Palm Centro. How can anyone say no to getting this phone for free? I couldn't, so now we have four Palm Centros in the house, one for each family member.
  • 11/6/08
    Fun with Comcast. Seriously, just how long did you think it would take to get a Comcast entry onto my web site?
  • 9/23/08
    Fun with Fedex. Shouldn't accurate and current mapping be a staple of any delivery company?
  • 7/25/08
    Fun with government. For someone who leads a private life, I foresee this section becoming quite the tome. One can pray there's less to say here than, say, the 'family vacations' section. We'll see.



I've started my own realty firm, Signature Realty Services, and have moved my real estate content to that company's web site, at www.SigRealty.net. Please go there for your realty needs. - Mike