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Mike Avila
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First I will have to say that the person, Jennifer Kelly, perhaps?, who owns the charming voice who answered my call couldn't have been more pleasant.

All I wanted was the assessor's email address. She said that it's a personal email address and can't be given out to the general public. That is weird! How could someone holding public office not have a public email account? It goes to figure that any public office that is not available via email is going to have problems. And the assessor is an elected official. One can't help but imagine an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand, hiding from its constituency, lest it might have to interact with the general public.

I just want to review the assessed value of a property I have. I feel its assessed value is too high. Jennifer said she'd try and get something scheduled within the next week -- depending on the weather! I assured her that, while the property is not in bad condition, it is under roof and the assessor rep would be safe from the elements. She said that they also have to look at the outside. I had mercy and didn't offer to bring an umbrella, nor galoshes nor a slicker.

She promised she'd call me next week. I asked her if it was ok for me to tell me her name so I would know with whom I was speaking. And, very meekly, she offered the name Jennifer. Then even timidly added her last name, which I'm not sure I caught due to my shaking my head in sad disbelief while contemplating the likely state of disarray of this office and the giant bug that must be up its butt.




I've started my own realty firm, Signature Realty Services, and have moved my real estate content to that company's web site, at www.SigRealty.net. Please go there for your realty needs. - Mike